These poems goes out to Mr. Omair Soud bin Arar Al Dhahere, May Allah preserve and protect.

Our warm greeting for you, whose heart is full of faith.

Our greetings from Yemen.

We send brotherhood salute with hearts full of love .

To the nobleman Omair, we send our salute.

He who is descended from the bloodline of Qahtan.

He whose head is high and proud, he who is generous.

All people, near or far, they all know his high rank.

A noble gracious man who lavished everyone with his favors.

O you man of grace, your country is proud of you.

Yet, in every arena he has his high stature.

My words are so easy for you to understand. O you man of cleverness.

Words are no more enough, shall I tell what is floating within my heart.

Words are no more fair when I Praise you.

You have the qualities of noble men descended from the best tribes.

All my appreciations and best wishes for you.

All my words scented with the most fragrant

Yet, it shall spread in Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Fujerah and Ajman emirates.

My thanks and prayers for you will never end.

May you walk, the way of Prophet and saints.