Bin Arar Holding & Estilo are joining forces

Bin Arar Holdings of UAE and Estilo Group of Perth Western Australia have joined forces to bring

internationally experienced management services to hotels worldwide.

At a meeting in Abu Dhabi recently both parties enthusiastically decided to join their efforts in signing a JV, to create Bin Arar Estilo Worldwide Management. The purpose is to bring independent third-party management to hotels, resorts and apartments around the world. In attendance was Omair Saoud Bin Arar Aldhaheri and Amal Bouslama of Bin Arar Holdings, with Paul Ogilvie and Clifford Olson of the Estilo Group.

Both companies’ representatives see a gap in many of the worlds markets with a need for professional independent management, backed with strong results and with a choice of the world’s best Franchise Brands.

Through the vast international experience of CEO Clifford Olson, the new JV will work on behalf of hotel, resort and apartment complex owners to pre-open, operate and deliver great experiences for guests, employees and the community, all the while delivering solid returns to the owner.

CEO Olson commented, “I am excited to be working with Aldhaheri and his vast network of asset managers and owners to deliver great results”. Chairman Aldhaheri stated, “we have contact with many hotel owners who seek advice on management options, and who often tell us they have no choice but to turn their hotels over to the large hotel chains whilst relinquishing control. What we offer is personalized strategic management direct to the Owners”.

Chairman Omair has an extensive network of contacts in the hospitality field and through his real estate investment business many opportunities to develop Hotels and Resorts on their existing property portfolio. Estilo Group currently have 6 Hotels throughout Australia either ready to start or going through Development Approval with further negotiations on a number of other sites.

Clifford Olson is an international hotelier with over 30 years of senior management experience, having lived and worked in 8 countries and working in all fashion of hospitality- from Corporate hotels, airport hotels, resorts and condominium/strata management.

Omair Saoud Bin Arar Aldhaheri was born in Al Ain city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and is considered one of the most successful men whose experiences increased his wisdom and enabled him to reach a distinguished economic position globally. He has worked previously as a Director of Real Estate in Abu Dhabi’s Investment Authority (ADIA) for more than 22 years. Additionally, he has established several companies that achieved an impressive success throughout the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain, Dubai and all around the world.

For further media information contact:
Clifford Olson, Phone +61 477 408 940
Amal Bouslama, Phone +971 50 805 0877

Services provided by Estilo Group include:

  • Project selection, Due diligence and short listing.
  • Architectural and drafting culminating in full project approval.
  • Supply of manufactured Unitized modules in China with quality and compliance to AustralianStandards.
  • Registered builder erects and complexes modules and completes construction of the building on site.
  • Project complexing management and supervision.
  • Project transitioning, performance and pre-opening services.
  • Hotel management.

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Bin Arar Holdings is an associate company of Midein Holdings LLC: Based in Abu Dhabi, operating in many countries and regions, Midein Holding LLC is a renowned real estate developer, investor and manager with an international perspective and global aspirations.

Midein Holding has established, and is continuously expanding, a multi-national network of companies with expertise in real estate development, building materials, finance, property management and an array of ancillary services.

These companies work in every part of the real estate development value chain, undertaking everything from feasibility studies through to construction and property management.

Initially established to invest in real estate developments in the United Arab Emirates, Midein Holding is now operating around the world, expanding its operations by strategically seeking out and developing opportunities in a growing number of attractive markets and industries, and diversifying its business in

construction materials and building equipment.

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From left to right:

Clifford E Olson, CEO Estilo Management PTY LTD
Omair Saoud Bin Arar Aldhaheri, Chairman Bin Arar Holdings
Amal Bouslama, Global Business Development Director, Luiza & Mayar Holding Group
Paul Ogilvie, Managing Director, Estilo Group PTY LTD

Poem by Abdullah bin Saeed Al-Dhabiani

These poems goes out to Mr. Omair Soud bin Arar Al Dhahere, May Allah preserve and protect.

Our warm greeting for you, whose heart is full of faith.

Our greetings from Yemen.

We send brotherhood salute with hearts full of love .

To the nobleman Omair, we send our salute.

He who is descended from the bloodline of Qahtan.

He whose head is high and proud, he who is generous.

All people, near or far, they all know his high rank.

A noble gracious man who lavished everyone with his favors.

O you man of grace, your country is proud of you.

Yet, in every arena he has his high stature.

My words are so easy for you to understand. O you man of cleverness.

Words are no more enough, shall I tell what is floating within my heart.

Words are no more fair when I Praise you.

You have the qualities of noble men descended from the best tribes.

All my appreciations and best wishes for you.

All my words scented with the most fragrant

Yet, it shall spread in Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Fujerah and Ajman emirates.

My thanks and prayers for you will never end.

May you walk, the way of Prophet and saints.

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